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Using the latest real estate and property data from across Australia, we cross reference multiple sources to return an accurate guesstimation of the value of your property and provide you with a free house price report.

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View interactive, beautiful graphs showing suburb property market data, historical property sales data, median house price, rental yields and demographic data for your suburb.

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Free consultation for further review of your house price report which will include tips and tricks on how to achieve the best price for your property, more detailed information on the local market and if you wish, a free selling plan.

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Spot on!!!

Through this site, I was put in touch with a Property Value Check agent and from the first minute I felt completely comfortable letting them handle the sale of my property. The appraisal was spot on and the service first class all the way!

Kristel L

Sold Sold Sold

5 out of 5, I used Property Value Check purely because of their Facebook Advertising. They recommended a very good agent and the service we got was nothing short of outstanding. The whole process was a breeze. We were SOLD in no time with a premium price!!! Which is what we all want isn't it?

Michelle L

A great choice

Highly recommend Property Value Check and the Agents they represent in our area.

Andrea K

A terrific service for busy people‚Äč!

Very helpful & informative. Would recommend them to family & friends. Constantly kept in touch with us one way or another. Would recommend this company to friends wanting to sell their properties

Jean Mcdaniel

Don't guess the value of your property, Make the right decisions based on up to date and accurate information!

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